Powder coating

Powder coating by Mega Engineering Ltd. – Haskovo is carried out on a conveyor line of 20 steps. The powder paints that the company works with are of European quality and competitive price. The dimensions of the painted metal product can have a maximum length of 4000 mm, width 1200 mm and height 1600 mm. Going through successive phases of washing, phosphating, drying, electrostatic powder coating and firing, metal products provide high quality, corrosion resistance and good commercial appearance. Thanks to the innovative products and technologies that the company uses in the application of polymer powder coatings, our final product has higher technical performance and attractive price for the customer.

The technological line for powder coating of metal products was introduced in 2009. The project for powder electrostatic coating of metal products and staff training to work with the system was implemented with financial assistance from the PHARE Program, BG 2004 / 016-711.11.04 / ESC / G / GSC-1 Competitiveness Grant Scheme.