Automation of mills and grain depots

Grain and feed transport systems

Monitoring and control systems

Industrial communications for factories

Programmable logic controllers

IEC-61131-3 standard for PLC

Consoles with information boards

Mnemonics and visualization for the operator

Automation of production lines

Cut tobacco line

Wireless communication

Energy accounting and efficiency systems

Man-Machine connection

HMI applicable to operator panels with touch screen

Receiving lines for raw milk

Data archiving and reports

Electrical switchboards for industry

Control of pumps with frequency inverters

Design of control and management systems

Chemical workshop for resins


Who are we?
  • We develop activity from 1993
  • We have a base of production of electric and control panels, assembled according to assignment.
  • We build sensor systems to SCADA.
  • We deliver quality and reliable means for automation.
  • Stable in the market, because of long-lasting and good relations with our customers.
  • Staff – over 30 people.
  • More than 13 000 engineering tasks have been completed.
What we can do best?
  • We listen to your requests to offer you the best solution.
  • We design;
  • We develop industrial applications;
  • We make installation and implementation of systems;
  • We configure for startup;
  • We finalize the task;
  • We maintain warranty and after warranty.
  • Metal boards and products made from black and stainless steel sheet.
  • Powder painting of panels, mechanical parts and aluminum joinery.
  • Administration
  • Technological and construction department
  • Electrical workshop
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Powder paint workshop
Type of the tasks
  • Design and implementation of control and management systems.
  • Modernization of existing systems.
  • Monitoring – visualization and archiving.
  • Participation in integrated information systems of the Customs and Energy Efficiency Agency.

30 years of activity and experience


Own production base


Long-term customer relationships


More than 30 staff members


Over 13 000 engineering tasks


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